#CEADay20 Events Roundup #1

#CEADay20 Events Round up #1

Our 6th National Exploitation Awareness Day (#CEADay20) is fast approaching: 18th March 2020

This years awareness day has taken on wider exploitation without losing sight of sexual exploitation.

We have designed a new guide to the day with tips, key messages and suggested social media posts to help make your event a success.

The guide is available as a free download HERE

We have a new Spot the Signs poster which can be downloaded from our dedicated Awareness and Campaign website https://stop-cse.org/ssss/ or purchased along with other resources such as lapel stickers and wristbands from our updated online shop

News of events taking place has started to come in to us, details can be viewed on our Live Events 2020 map – you can also use the form at the bottom of the map to let us know details of your event.

Events so far:

Amersham County Council Offices– Awareness Raising stall with leaflets, posters and stickers

Aylesbury County Council Office – Awareness Raising stall with leaflets, posters and stickers

Hertfordshire Constabulary – For this year’s National CSE Awareness Day, Hertfordshire Constabulary will be encouraging  staff and partners to write key #HelpingHands messages on their hands and post pictures to social media. For staff who are reluctant to write on their hands (for example last year we had senior officers who didn’t want to write on their hands ahead of going in to meetings/conferences) we will be printing some large hands for them to write and pose with.

Manchester Airport Border Force – are running an awareness day event on the 18th March at the airport and will have a stall with leaflets and posters available to staff and pubThree Rivers District Council – The District Council will be sharing NWG social media images on their webpages/social media on the 18th March 2020

Wycombe District Council Offices – Awareness raising stall with leaflets, posters and stickers

If you would like to tell us about your events please email network@nwgnetwork.org or use the form HERE

If you have any write-ups/blogs/press releases or pictures from your events we would love to see and share them. Don’t forget your #HelpingHands pledges too.

Please use #CEADay20 and #HelpingHands for social media.

Resources can be downloaded or ordered from our online shop and our www.stop-cse.org website

If you know of an event taking place in your area please do let us know.

The NWG Team